I, Elizabeth

I, Elizabeth - To her court she was a powerful and hypnotic figure, torn between flirtatiousness and tyranny. History regards her as one of England's most enigmatic rulers. Yet how did Elizabeth see herself? Brilliantly capturing the spirit of the times, the spell-binding novel from Rosalind Miles boldly recaptures the private and public life of the 'Virgin Queen'.

In this stunningly-conceived epic, Miles uses her acclaimed skills as a storyteller and historian to bring to life the woman behind the myth. I, Elizabeth gives us the extraordinary story of this mesmeric figure in her own voice, from her earliest memories as the unwanted daughter of 'the French whore' Anne Boleyn, to her final triumph when she thwarted the last serious assault on the English throne, the armed uprising by the dashing Earl of Essex. More>>




  The Camelot Novels - Guenevere

Guenevere: Queen of the Summer Country - Raised in the tranquil beauty of the Summer Country, Princess Guenevere has had a charmed and contented life until the sudden, violent death of her mother, Queen Maire, leaves the Summer Country teetering on the brink of anarchy. Only the miraculous arrival of Arthur, heir to the Pendragon dynasty, allows Guenevere to claim her mother's throne. Smitten by the bold, sensuous princess, Arthur offers to marry her and unite their territories, while still allowing her to rule in her own right. Their love match creates the largest and most powerful kingdom in the isles.

Arthur's glorious rule begins to crumble, however, when he is reunited with his mother and his long-lost half-sisters, Morgause and Morgan. Before Arthur's birth, his father - the savage and unscrupulous King Uther - banished his wife's young daughters ... More>>


The Knight of the Sacred Lake - As High King and Queen, Arthur and Guenevere reign supreme over the many kingdoms and islands of Great Britain. Reconciled with Arthur, Guenevere secretly mourns the loss of her beloved Lancelot, who has returned to the Sacred Lake of his boyhood, hoping to restore his faith in chivalry in the place where he became a knight. In a glittering ceremony at the annual Feast of Pentecost, new knights are being sworn in to the Round Table including Arthur's nephew, the cunning Agravain. Camelot is reborn in all its glory and after many years of strife, peace is restored at last to Guenevere's realm.

But betrayal, jealousy and ancient blood feuds fester unseen. Morgan Le Fay, now the proud possessor of Arthur's only son Mordred, had become the focus of Merlin's age-old quest to ensure the survival of the House of Pendragon at all costs. More>>



Child of the Holy Grail - In the heart of Camelot, Guenevere and Arthur are High Queen and King of a land at peace, preparing to celebrate the knighthood of Arthur's son, Mordred. The handsome youth promises to be a worthy addition to the Round Table, and Guenevere has long ago forgiven Arthur for the adultery that brought him into the world.

But darker currents are at work as Guenevere pines for her lover, Sir Lancelot, and anguishes over the loss of the Sacred Hallows of the Goddess years ago. And deep in his underground cave, Merlin hears of a new threat to Arthur's peace. The long-lost Holy Grail has come to light, together with a mysterious child who must find it to fulfil his destiny.
Arthur has determined that Mordred, his son by Morgan Le Fay, is the only true inheritor of the Grail destiny and the Siege Perilous - the one unoccupied seat at the Round Table, designated for 'the Most Peerless Knight in all the World'. More>>




ISOLDE: Queen of the Western Isle - In the golden time of Arthur and Guenevere, the Island of the West shines like an emerald in the sea - one of the last strongholds of Goddess worship and Mother-right. 

Isolde is the only daughter and heiress of Ireland's great ruling queen, a lady as passionate in battle as she is in love. La Belle Isolde, like her mother, is famed for her beauty, but she is a healer instead of a warrior, "of all surgeons, the best among the isles". A natural peace-maker, Isolde is struggling to save Ireland from a war waged by her dangerously reckless mother. The Queen is influenced by her lover, Sir Marhaus, who urges her to invade neighbouring Cornwall and claim it for her own, a foolhardy move Isolde is determined to prevent. More>>


The Maid of the White Hands - Isolde’s day has come. In Ireland, her mother, the Queen, lies dying. The throne of the Emerald Isle, one of the last strongholds of the Goddess, awaits her. But while Ireland is her destiny, Isolde is already Queen of Cornwall, trapped in a loveless marriage to its mean-spirited King Mark. Her true love is his nephew, Tristan of Lyonesse, who has never married, remaining faithful only to Isolde.

Across the sea in France, a young princess who shares Isolde's name enters the story. King Hoel named his daughter in honor of Isolde of Ireland, and young Isolde of France has always been determined to outdo her beautiful older namesake. She is a physician too, and is called "Blanche Mains", for her white hands and healing touch. Blanche is of age to be married, and she has chosen her husband - Tristan of Lyonesse. More>>


The Lady of the Sea - The final thrilling chapter in the Tristan and Isolde trilogy.

Isolde, heir to the throne of the queens, is now a sovereign in her own right. With the glories of the throne comes the responsibility of a queen, and Isolde knows she must return to her beloved Western Isle. She can no longer tolerate her marriage to King Mark of Cornwall, a marriage she has accepted for years in order to save her country from the threat of war and to be near her only love, Mark’s nephew Tristan of Lyonesse. King Mark, always cowardly and spiteful, is too heavily influenced by his monks and counsellors, who loathe the powerful and independent Isolde. And so she leaves Cornwall for good and comes home to Ireland, where her lords face a growing threat from the warlike Picti, who live in the barren highlands to the north of England. The Picti have a bold new king, Darath, who is determined to take the riches of Ireland for his own people, whether by war or by marriage with Isolde.

Isolde gathers her armies to confront the Picti and faces a violent conflict as well with King Mark, who vows he will not let a prize like Isolde, and Ireland, slip from his grasp. Isolde is last in a line of famous warrior queens who have guarded Ireland from time before memory, and now she – and her knight Tristan – must play out their fate and face her enemies in a final battle, a war that could spell ruin for them both.




  The Australian Quartet

Return to Eden - Every Eden has its serpent … 
Stephanie Harper – she had wealth, power and prestige, yet all she wanted was love. Greg Marsden – young, handsome, greedy for power and sex, but devoted to Stephanie. Theirs was a dream wedding that ended in a nightmare.

For on the eve of the marriage Greg betrayed Stephanie with her best friend. On their honeymoon, in the unspoilt paradise of Eden, in the Northern Territories of Australia, he took drastic steps to fulfil his ruthless ambition.

And Stephanie had to lose everything – her husband, her children, her beloved home, her very identity – before she could exact her terrible revenge and Return to Eden.



Bitter Legacy - Seven years after the horrific finale of her marriage to Greg, Stephanie Harper is rebuilding her shattered life. Back in her beloved Eden, reunited with her adored children, she finds happiness with Dan Marshall, the brilliant surgeon who made her whole again.

But the strains of running a multi-million dollar business and coping with Sarah and Dennis in their turbulent passage to maturity begin to take their toll. There are sinister shadows on the horizon, and with Jilly’s release from prison, the sunlit Australian harmony of Eden comes under terrifying threat once more.




Prodigal Sins - Newly ordained and full of hope, Robert Maitland returns to the Australian mining town of his birth determined to make a new start. But can he succeed in burying the dark events of the past that drove him away? Even with the whole-hearted support of the women in his life – loyal, loving Claire and his sister Joan, fiercely ambitious for her brilliant younger brother – can he rise to the challenge of the future in a small town riven with its own tensions and problems?

Wrestling with these questions, the last thing he needs is to find himself in the grip of an uncontrollable obsession. An obsession with a girl ten years his junior; a girl hungry for life and love, whose limpid eyes seem to be begging him to save her soul. But can he be sure that it is really her soul he’s interested in …? A terrible tragedy solves his dilemma.

But the past keeps its secrets, and secrets never die. Another twenty years must pass before time yields up the true meaning of the catastrophe that threatens Robert’s career, his marriage, the very lives of those dearest to him …




Act of Passion - The sudden death of Phillip Koenig leaves young Jon heir to a vast cattle station in the Australian outback. Until his father’s will stirs up a hornets’ nest for all the surviving Koenigs – including a stranger whom no one has foreseen …

Already distraught with grief, Jon finds himself tormented by the realisation that his parents’ marriage was not all it seemed – and this his mother is a woman in the prime of life, hungry for love. Only his growing attachment to Geena, the half-Aboriginal girl, offers a hope of peace.

The more Jon discovers of his father’s legacy, the more it threatens to unleash a maelstrom of destruction that will leave tragedy in its wake. For someone must pay the price of every Act of Passion. Set in the dead red heart of Australia, the primeval outback where the Aboriginal inhabitants have their own mysterious communication with forces of nature deeper than human understanding, Act of Passion is a worthy successor to the previous best selling Australian epics of forbidden vengeance and erotic torment, Return to Eden and Prodigal Sins.







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