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Chilly reception at the Gothenburg Book Festival in Sweden

Receiving an award from the Crime Commission of Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Dr Rosalind, Shakespeare Institute,
University of Birmingham, UK

Cosmo girl and magazine writer

George Eliot Memorial Lecture,
Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Queen Elizabeth I, fundraising for libraries in Texas, USA

Schooldays, and a close encounter with the real thing

Presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the  Celebrations of Birmingham University, UK

European book tour

In private audience with His Majesty Qaboos Bin Said, Sultan of Oman

With booksellers James Redshaw, Brian Johnson and Godfrey Smith at the publication of Modest Proposals: a Lovers Compendium.

World Affairs Council International Citizen of The Year Award with (L to R) Dr Jane Macon, honoree, Madeleine Albright, first woman US Secretary of State, and Dr Rajaa Alkhusai, former member of the National Assembly of Iraq.

James Joyce snug, Dublin, with writing partner and husband Robin Cross Riding in Malibu Where it all began

At home with Robin And where it led: with the Honourable Hillary Rodham Clinton at her Inauguration into the Women's Hall of Fame at the International Women's Forum, Houston, Texas.

Partying with the International Women's Forum. Walking on water in Miami, USA. Festival and workshop in Banff, Canada, with award winning writer Alberto Manguel.

Pride in London Parade with granddaughter out of sight in the pram. Rosalind and Robin presenting their Valentine's Day fund raiser Crazy Love for La Paloma, the Battered Women and Children's Centre in Texas, USA.

"Madam Speaker"
House of Commons, London, with UK members of the International Women's Forum, presenting an award to Betty Boothroyd, the first female speaker of The House in 700 years.
Promoting the French edition of her Return to Eden novels in Paris, France.

Tribute from participants in the International Women's Day Feminist Festival at St Hilda's College, Oxford. Rosalind's alma mater.




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